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Couldn't Happen to Me!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

We all want to think it couldn't happen to us. Why would it? I'm a good person, I didn't do anything wrong, I live in the United States. The people of Ukraine didn't do anything wrong either and the next minute, they were leaving their homes for safe shelter with only what they could carry. What would or could you carry if that happened to you and you had to flee your home abruptly? Helping figure out the answers to these questions is why Chubby Preppers was created! We want to share our ideas that can help you prepare in advance for any emergency situation.

Below is an idea list to get you thinking of what you might want in your Bug Out Bag. Keep in mind that the experts say your bag shouldn't weigh more than 25% of your body weight. The best way to know if your bag is too heavy for your physical condition is to take a walk with it fully loaded and see how comfortable it is.

· USB - Important documents/pictures

· Toiletries

· FAK (First Aid Kit)

· Fire Starting Kit

· Emergency Blanket

· Poncho

· Sleeping Bag

· Tarp

· Tent

· Spare Clothes

· Water

· Rations

· Water Filtering Item

· Water Purification Tablets

· Canteen

· Hydration Bladder

· Can Opener

· Eating Utensils

· Emergency Radio

· Flashlight

· Headlamp

· Survival Whistle

· Compass

· Laminated State Map

· Chemical Light Sticks

· Signal Mirror

· Cell Phone Cable and Adapter

· Multi-tool

· Folding Knife

· Fixed Blade Knife

· Paracord

· Duct Tape

· Batteries

· Solar Charger

· Zip Ties

· Bandana

· Dry Bag

· Pocket Survival Guide

· Work Gloves

· Dust Mask

· Eye Protection

· Axe

· Pry Bar

· Hammock

· Pocket Chainsaw

· Fishing Kit

· Hatchet

· Shovel

· Fillet Knife

· Skinning Knife

· Pepper Spray

· Handgun & Ammo

· Rifle & Ammo

· Slingshot & Ammo

· Cash

· Pen/Pencil

· Playing Cards

· Toy(s)/Entertainment for kids

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