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Old Man Winter

This is the time of year that tests what we're made of. We can slip on our crocs and run down the road a few miles to pick our kids up from a friends house but is that a good idea? It's not that far is it? If something goes wrong, a few miles can feel like a world away from your warm cozy couch and favorite Netflix show. Check out the full list of Winter Car Kit items on our Resources page that you may want to consider adding to every vehicle in your driveway. Below are a few items from the list that you may want to include.

To Get Started:

  • Waterproof matches and lighter

  • Blanket or Sleeping Bag

  • Flares or Reflective Triangles

  • Candles

  • Cat Litter, Salt, or Sand

  • Collapsible shovel/children's snow shovel

  • Snacks that won't spoil (nuts, granola bars, etc.)

  • Bottled Water and metal container

  • Jumper Cables

  • Jack and properly inflated spare tire

  • First Aid Kit

  • Flashlight with extra batteries or a hand crank light

  • Phone Charger & Battery Bank

  • Pencil & Paper

  • Gloves, hats, boots, socks and extra winter clothes

  • Seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, knife

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