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Food & Water Storage

Check out this guide to Food & Water in an Emergency from the Red Cross.

Contains valuable details on water treatment as well as proper food and water storage information. Print copies to store with your emergency supplies. Source: Red Cross

Winter Car Kit

Ever been on the side of the road stranded in good weather? Imagine being stranded in a winter storm. Does your car or truck contain the essentials needed to stay warm, hydrated and nourished until help arrives?  Check the list we've compiled and see for yourself.

Kraut, Kraut, Let It All Out!

Interested in making some homemade sauerkraut? Having healthy foods to eat in an emergency or anytime is essential. The attached guide is what we use when making the ChubbyPreppers Sauerkraut. You might like it less salty or more tangy (let it ferment longer) but print this out and do your own research. You never know until you try!


Be Prepared

You are your own first responder. Being prepared at any level is better than waiting for assistance.

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