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A Chubby Christmas

Ho, ho, ho!

Greetings, my fellow festive preppers and friends of the pudgy persuasion!

As we jingle our way into the holiday season, it's time to spread some cheer and, of course, enhance our preparedness game.

Now, we know that our beloved preppers come in all shapes and sizes, and hey, a little extra "insulation" never hurt anyone, right? So, if you or your favorite prepper happens to have a fondness for both readiness and a hearty holiday feast, fear not!

This year's Christmas gift guide is tailored for the Chubby Prepper in your life—because survival skills and a love for cookies can indeed coexist!


A versatile tool that combines various functions like pliers, knives, screwdrivers, and more. Useful for a range of tasks, from repairs to survival situations.

Durable Outdoor Gear:

Items like rugged backpacks, durable clothing, and weather-resistant boots are crucial for preppers who may need to navigate challenging outdoor conditions.

Emergency Food Supplies:

Consider long-lasting, non-perishable food items or pre-packaged survival food kits. Look for options with a good balance of nutrition to sustain during emergencies.

Water Filtration System:

A portable water filter or purification system helps ensure access to clean water in various environments, a critical component for survival.

Survival Books:

Books covering essential survival skills, first aid, and bushcraft can provide valuable knowledge for preppers to enhance their preparedness.

Tactical Flashlight:

A durable and powerful flashlight with long battery life can be essential during power outages or in outdoor survival situations.

Portable Shelter:

Compact and easily deployable shelters, such as lightweight tents or emergency sleeping bags, provide protection from the elements.

First Aid Kit:

A comprehensive first aid kit with essential medical supplies is crucial for handling injuries and emergencies in a preparedness scenario.

Fire Starter Kit:

Reliable fire-starting tools like waterproof matches, lighters, or fire starters are essential for warmth, cooking, and signaling.

Communication Devices:

Compact two-way radios, emergency radios, or satellite communication devices can be vital for staying connected in isolated or disaster-stricken areas.

Seed Vault:

A collection of heirloom seeds ensures a sustainable food source, allowing preppers to grow their own crops in the long term.

Personal Security Items:

Items like a quality pocket knife, self-defense tools, or personal alarms can contribute to the overall security and safety of the prepper.

These gifts are chosen with an emphasis on practicality and resilience, aligning with the needs of Chubby Preppers in various scenarios.

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1 comentário

Brannon Criner
Brannon Criner
13 de dez. de 2023

I need a CB antenna and that multitool! Hopefully I haven't been to terrible and Santa (or Mrs. Claus) brings me some goodies!

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